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Parents-to-be seek private maternity services for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's a simple one off appointment because they want to spend a bit more time with a midwife to ask questions about birth, and sometimes it's there for reassurance if clients are particularly anxious and wanting appointments more frequently than what is offered by the NHS.


Whatever your reason, we offer safe and up to date care from the comfort of your home.



A full antenatal check will be performed on you and your baby including blood pressure, abdominal palpation and listening to your baby's heartbeat. The remainder of the time is for you to ask questions or talk away!

60 minutes

Home - £70

Virtual - £50

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If you're struggling with feeding, feeling worried or just need some time with a midwife, my postnatal appointments are there to reassure, help and support you.

60 minutes

Home - £70

Virtual - £50

What next?

If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact me. You and your baby's health and well-being are paramount and it is important we have a detailed consultation to ensure I am offering safe and effective care.


Please note, if you are seeking emergency advice or are concerned about your baby's movements please call your nearest maternity hospital.

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Saw Hannah today for a heartbeat check on little one.

I was quite anxious and Hannah made me feel so comfortable straight away. 


Will definitely be back and would highly recommend.

Thank you Hannah for putting my mind at ease

Tracy, Rugby


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