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Become educated about birth, make friends and receive expert teaching from a midwife, a Doula and Norland Nanny and baby first aid instructor. 

Attending antenatal classes may feel daunting but please be reassured that you will leave the classes feeling positive, confident and knowledgeable about birth. Ultimately, knowledge is power and by having an understanding about how your body works and choices you may have to make in birth will only empower you to stay in control.


Experienced midwife Dawn teaches the first two sessions on labour and birth. Dawn is still a practising midwife in the NHS and is able to give you up to date maternity information. Our infant feeding and postnatal wellbeing classes will be taught by Doula and Norland Nanny Louise. Louise comes with a wealth of experience on supporting families during pregnancy and with their new born babies, as well as being a mum of two herself.


Former midwife Anna from Baby First Aid Warwickshire will give you confidence to care for your baby or child during emergency situations. She will cover CPR, choking, burns and scalds, febrile seizures, signs of meningitis, bumps and breaks and bleeding.


What's included?

Group classes are very informal and we positively encourage discussions within the sessions. We really encourage you to create friendships within the group and a WhatsApp group will be created for you to join  if you wish to remain in contact in between classes and following completion of the course.  We are really lucky that the venue we teach from has a bar that will be open for you to use should you want to socialise in before the classes or grab some refreshments during the classes.  Emails are sent out in between each session with further information and guidance on the topics mentioned and you do have the option to email questions over in between classes.


Venue and course details

Classes take place at Onley Equestrian Centre which is a 5 minute drive from Dunchurch along the Daventry Road in between Dunchurch and Willoughby

Onley Farm,



CV23 8AJ 

Session 1- Labour and birth with Midwife Dawn

Session 2- Labour and birth with Midwife Dawn

Session 3- Postnatal recovery and caring for your baby with Doula Lou 

Session 4- Baby first aid with Baby First Aid Warwickshire

Session 5- Online infant feeding class with Doula Lou


In person group classes - 10 hours over 5 weeks

£220 per couple

Private in person or online classes (Baby First Aid not included)

£640 or 20% off if a treatment package is booked

Some friends of mine holding an ultrasou

Early Pregnancy Class

A FREE online 1 hour class for anybody seeking support and information up to 14 weeks pregnant.

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KG Hypnobirthing Workshop

3 hour workshop to teach you some simple but incredibly effective ways reduce fear, stay calm and feel confident during birth. 


Pregnancy Treatments

Why not book an appointment with Hannah for a pregnancy massage or treatment to help ease common pregnancy problems?

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