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Struggling with pelvic girdle pain, need help to turn a breech baby or perhaps you are wanting to avoid  an induction of labour? Hannah is qualified in midwifery complementary therapies and can treat a variety of problems using acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy and clinical hypnosis. 

Pregnant Belly


Hannah can help you to unwind or support and treat most pregnancy pains and struggles with acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology or hypnosis. Supporting you from conception to birth:

- Hip, back, pelvic pain (min 3 treatments)

- Pregnancy sickness (min 3 treatments)

- Gastro-intestinal conditions such as constipation and heartburn

- Pregnancy swelling - feet and hands (oedema)

- Breech baby (Moxibustion treatment)

- Insomnia, headaches, stress, anxiety, haemorrhoids, muscle cramping

- Wanting to avoid induction of labour

- Helping to prepare your body for birth

- Phobias associated with pregnancy and birth (needles, blood, birth, hospitals etc.)​

- Planned Caesarean Section (specialised treatment package)

- First, second and third trimester treatment packages


1 treatment - £65 now £55.25

3 treatments - £176.50 now £150

5 treatments - £265 now £225.25

10 treatments - £470 now £399.50

Mum holding baby post birth


Hannah can help with treatable conditions from birth up to 12 weeks postnatal:

- Caring for stitches after birth

- Haemorrhoids

- General well being and recovery

- Anxiety

1 treatment - £65 now £55.25

3 treatments - £176.50 now £150

5 treatments - £265 now £225.25

10 treatments - £470 now £399.50

What next?

If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact me. You and your baby's health and well-being are paramount and it is important we have a detailed consultation to ensure I am offering safe and effective care.


Please note, if you are seeking emergency advice or are concerned about your baby's movements please call your nearest maternity hospital.

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I've taken two courses (antenatal and KG hypnobirthing) and had two treatments with Hannah (pregnancy massage and 3-part treatment for pelvic pain (SPD), and can't recommend her highly enough! All of her knowledge, experience and insight as a midwife has been invaluable when taking the courses and my husband and I feel more clued up and empowered about birth as a result. The treatments are great too and have helped me get some third trimester aches and pains under control. Hannah is friendly, helpful, but also clear and direct in her communication - I'm very happy to be able to call on her services when I need them!

Anne, Rugby


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